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Derian’s Durian Farm

For ardent lovers of the King of Fruits.

Derian Farm is owned by Derian Consolidated Sdn Bhd, and cared for by MyDerian Sdn Bhd, a group of dedicated duran lovers and connoisseurs with a passion for cultivating some of the best, freshest, most delicious durians possible, and delivering them to our customers in the most timely manner, at the most affordable prices.

Derian Farm is situated near Kampung Lakai, a sleepy semi-rural village in the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan. The farm is also located short distance from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which facilitates immediate and efficient delivery of our guaranteed farm-fresh products to customers in Asia and throughout the world.

Our Story

The Derian Farm story

Durian lovers will tell you that no two fruits are alike.  Each durian is unique, even though they may look and smell the same to the uninitiated.  But to those who know, there are often subtle differences in fruit shape, size, smell, color, texture and taste, even among durian fruits from the same tree.  There are many factors that influence the quality of every fruit, from the weather to the nutrients in the ground, and the skill of the farmers in planting, growing, grafting and pollinating the trees.

Durian lovers all differ in their preferences, some for a strong aroma and bitter character, others for a milder aroma and sweeter tastes.

Derian Farm was established in 2021.  The Farm’s location was purposefully chosen to take advantage of its optimum climate and perfect soil conditions, which play a large part in the quality, flavor and seasonal harvest periods of our durians.  We selected our range of durian varieties to cater for the broad range of tastes and preferences that most durian lovers will have, and dedicated many years in cultivating the trees that we now proudly harvest.

These choices have contributed to the appeal and desire for our durians, offering our customers a never-ending adventure of discovery in flavor, aroma, appearance, and texture found in our many durian cultivars, and from one fruit to the next.

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The Planting of

Durian Tree

Step 1 - Soil Treatment
Step 2 - Seedling
Step 3 - Planting
Step 4 - Growing
Step 5 - Flowering
Step 6 - Fruiting
Step 7 - Harvesting